Thailand Warehousing

In order to meet the demand of the market, PFCEX set up 1000 square meters of international warehouse in Bangkok to facilitate the use of merchants.

Why choose PFCEX Thailand warehouse service?

1、PFCEX using advanced bar code control technology, from receiving, placing the product to the entire order tracking.

2、PFCEX Thailand warehouse, seamless docking Lazada, Shopee, eBay, Amazon and other cross-border e-commerce platform, from automatic order to order delivery one-stop logistics services, without having to bother with the warehouse management.

3、Reduce operating costs. E-commerce enterprises do not have to set up their own warehouses, eliminating the need for warehouse rents, warehouse management and human resource costs. Customers can select the warehouse size and product management category according to the peak season business conditions so as to increase the net profit of the products without the high HR cost With the idle storage space costs, reduce the difficulty of operation and maintenance and overall operating costs.

4、PFCEX advanced management mode, with a professional warehouse logistics management team, for e-commerce companies and storage services companies to provide accurate and reasonable solutions, including hardware planning and software planning.

5、Independently developed a strong overseas warehouse management system to achieve inventory, order status real-time synchronization, greatly reducing the buyer's return exchange rate, express disputes and other issues, so as to maximize the buyer's shopping experience.

6、For small customers can provide systems, warehousing and courier services, saving labor costs. For medium-sized enterprises to provide systems and warehouses, while providing excellent logistics solutions, greatly improve delivery efficiency and cost savings.

7、Safety. Warehouse installed monitoring equipment, can monitor every corner of the warehouse, warehouse staff at any time to observe the move, the warehouse is divided into different storage areas, valuables have a specific storage area, the installation of security doors, security windows, alarm And other safety equipment, if the goods are lost in the warehouse, we have full compensation.

8、PFCEX powerful order execution center, shipped from Thailand, shorten the order cycle and improve the user experience, so that sales break the bottleneck and create more profits.

9、Warehouse inventory management at a glance, the monthly sales and remaining inventory system automatically displayed to reduce the risk of slow-moving stock.